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A custom-tailored IT solution focused on automation to scale up your organization.


  • Think Peaks

    Resulting from the meeting of three engineers from various horizons, Think Peaks is a team of passionate people with more than 10 years of experience in providing technical solutions for non-profit organizations.

    • We develop a custom-tailored IT solution matching your organization's current reality.
    • We assist your organization. Refining process to automate your own business logic.
    • We manage hardware & software complexity to allow you to scale up focussing on what really matters.
  • Custom-tailored?

    Although standard SaaS solutions can be implemented quickly with minimal risk, they are designed to address the lowest common denominator of business requirements and often only marginally enhance the core operations of the company.

    Does one size really fits all... forever?

    Sometimes operational process & workflows cannot be matched by the classic CRM's campaign/lead scenario.

    Adapting your organization on your IT solutions will, at the end, lead to poor performance enhancements and low adoption.

    Whatever you go through, our custom tailored solution can modelize your current reality. Think Peaks will give you the agility to evolve the way you want in tomorrow’s environment.

  • Automation?

    While you grow and evolve, you will have to guarantee consistency and agility in your process & data while avoid any overburdening.

    Do things right, once, easily, and fast!

    • Automate all of the actions your team has to do more than once a day
    • Avoid useless text entry and data duplication
    • Take advantage of machine to machine communication
    • Delegate your data collection

    Think Peaks will help you identify bottlenecks and time-consuming processes.

    Our solution will provide numerous tools that will speed up your daily operations and grow your workforce.

  • Scale up?

    The scaleability of your organization can be described as its capability to cope with and perform under an increasing or expanding workload. A system that scales well, will be able to maintain or even increase its level of performance, or efficiency when operational demands grow.

    Increase your action, not your efforts

    Think Peaks help you find the right balance between automation & personalization, agility & normalization.
    Keep focusing on your business, our solution takes care of your data & processes.

The team

  • Olivier Demarteau

  • Dimitri Dujardin

  • Aurélien Mélot